Photography Workshops

Southwest Saskatchewan

Join in on the 2018 workshops in the Great Sandhills and/or Grasslands National Park, or watch for new updates of workshops listed, or work with one of our talented photographers to create a one-of-a-kind tailored course specifically for your team:

List of Scheduled 2018 Photography Workshops:

Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall Photography

Cypress Hills Destination Area

Have you ever dreamed of being able to take images of the bright stars that keep you in awe on those warm summer nights? Do you want to experience Saskatchewan’s world renowned dark skies and explore our unique landscape? How about photographing Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky? If the answer is yes, then these workshops are for you.
Join photographers Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall to explore the dark skies of Saskatchewan and let them teach you how to become proficient in capturing their beauty in this series of 1 or 2 night workshops exploring unpolluted wilderness landscapes in Saskatchewan, capturing incredible photographs.

Scott Aspinall:

Wendy Nuttall Photography

Cypress Hills Destination Area

Step into nature with photographer Wendy Nuttall. Having grown up in the Cypress Hills area, Wendy knows the hidden gems that make a photography tour special.  Focus on Western Culture, Agriculture, old buildings or fantastic landscapes.

Wendy Nuttall:

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