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Shaunavon, SK

If you’re a foodie who likes to know that your food is local, fresh and free of hormones, harmful chemicals or processed additives, Ranch House Meat Company is a must-stop place for custom meat and cheese trays made fresh to order, or light lunch and supper options featuring pulled beef or pork cooked to perfection and served on fresh buns, from the Manley Bakery in Consul.

Choose from a wide assortment of accompaniements offered in-house including pickles, salsas, pies and other desserts and much more.

For light and casual catering of your next meeting or gathering contact Ranch House Meat Company:

Ph: 306.297.4050

Email: ranchhousemeatcompany@gmail.com

Catering by Ranch House Meat Company


Meat and cheese trays for informal gatherings, and fully cooked beef and pork for larger gatherings are just a few of the options available at Ranch House Meat Company in Shaunavon.

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